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Semi Permanent Makeup 

$500 any area, Last up to 3 years!

Eyebrows (microblading/microshading, powder brows & ombre brows. Lip Blushing & Eyeliner (top or bottom). 

Semi-permanent make-up is a complexion treatment to enhance eyes, brows and lips to add definition to the face. This technique involves injecting pigment through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin. A local anesthetic cream numbs the area pre-treatment.

Quality Services for Dashing Results


DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening $349 60 Min session

The DaVinci non-dental professional whitening process is a simple three step process.  It is a combination of LED blue light, specifically designed for cosmetic laser teeth whitening, using our all natural laser whitening gel.  This whitening process is designed to safely and gently remove years of staining from teeth. It is safe, effective, non-invasive, and affordable. Clients experience great results in as little as 20 to 60 minutes, with little to no sensitivity.  Our cosmetic laser whitening system yields the best whitening results available in the market today. Getting started is easy because DaVinci offers everything you need.

Plasma Fibroblast Treatment 

Plasma Skin Tightening is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to traditional surgery. The treatment helps eliminate excessive tissue that causes sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles, stretch marks and even diminish scarring. It also diminishes the risk, pain and down-time associated with traditional invasive  surgery.

How is this done? 

Micro charges of plasma energy are applied to the skin in a non-contact way via a wand. This causes sublimation of the tissue in very superficial levels, eliminating excess tissue and reducing or in some cases even eliminating wrinkles and saggy tissue.

What does sublimation of the skin mean?

When anything solid turns into gas without becoming a liquid first it is called sublimation. The plasma pen device works by targeting a micro beam of plasma energy onto the skin. This causes skin retraction and tightening around that area only. The sublimation of the skin cell causes immediate tightening and through the healing of the micro wound that is caused the bodies natural healing process produces more collagen to plump, tighten and firm the treated area. The treatment is so precise that only a 1-2mm treatment spot is created.

Does is hurt?

A topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated as the procedure can be a little uncomfortable. A slight burning sensation can be felt as the skin becomes heated. The anesthetic helps to make this treatment tolerable.

What areas of the body can be treated?

  • Upper and lower eyelid sagging, bags and lines (non-surgical eye lifts)

  • Crow’s feet

  • Forehead and frown lines

  • Lines around the mouth

  • Fine lines and wrinkles on the neck and décolleté (chest)

  • Neck tightening

  • Smokers lines

Aftercare and downtime

You can expect to have some redness and swelling immediately after the procedure and for a few days following. Tiny dark brown spots will be seen where the individual micro dots have been placed. You will be provided with post treatment balm to apply to the area. The dark spots should be left to fall off naturally as these are protecting the skin underneath. After about 5 days to a week, these will fall off and the skin may still be slightly red. Mineral makeup can be worn 24-48 hours after the treatment. Sun protection must be applied to protect the healing skin.


Some tightening of the skin will be seen immediately after the treatment, but best results can be seen approximately 6-8 weeks after the procedure. Results can last 9-18 months, lifestyle choices that effect skin ageing and damage are a factor however for longevity. For optimum results more than one treatment may be needed with a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments for the same area.


Lira Clinical Facials

Acne/Oily Treatment Facial


Renew skin's vitality, boosting its epidermal microbiome, reducing redness, and clarifying skin texture. Clinical salicylic acid is infused with vitamin And tropical probiotics, preventing future break outs and detoxifying skin.

Hydrating Treatment Facial


Replenish natural hydration with exclusive freshwater herbs and tropical enzymes. Stimulate youthful vitality, drenching the skin in hyaluronic acid, luxury minerals and brightening botanicals, plumping skin to the full portrait of ideal health.

Anti Aging Treatment Facial


Lift your skin's positive vitality with the delectable infusion pumpkin enzymes, tropical probiotics, and designer peptides. Nourishing marine extracts replenish skin while fine lines and wrinkles can "chill out", tighten pore apperance and reduce puffiness. Your skin will give this treatment a standing ovation.

Brightening / Pigmentation Treatment Facial)


Redefine vitality with the joy of skin health. Brighten skin with illuminating MASQ-tech technology, brightening lactic acid and renewing retinol. Find the joy in even skin tone, minimize pore appearance and replenish hydration.



HydraFacial works to deep-clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. This professional procedure may help treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, dryness, and wrinkles.

The noninvasive procedure is similar in principle to a regular facial however will provide more dramatic results. This is achieved by a mechanized wand used on your skin to deeply clean and exfoliate while delivering serums customized to your skin type.

Gentlemens Facial


The Gentleman's Ultra Facial is tailored for a man's specific skincare needs. To help replenish the skin, the facial concludes with a cool, soothing mineral masque used to balance and hydrate your skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation. If required, this facial includes extractions.

Acne, Acne Scarring _ PIH_03.jpeg
VI Peel

What is a VI Peel?

A VI Peel is a medium depth chemical peel, consisting of a unique blend of five acids.  In a little over a week, clients will see a reduction in fine lines, decreases acne scarring, reduce hyperpigmentation, and a refreshed appearance. 

VI Peel is safe and effective on all skin types and can be used on the face, neck, chest, and, back. It is a virtually painless treatment that requires no skin preparation and has little downtime.  

The VI Peel will gently remove the top layers of unhealthy, dead skin. This allows newer, healthier skin to show, leaving a brighter, firmer, younger-looking appearance.  

VI Peel- Medium Depth 

$300 per session (post care kit included)

For optimal results 3 treatments 1 month apart

Female Model_edited.jpg

KYBELLA - Fat Dissolving Treatment

Treatment areas

$1200 per treatment 

Best Results if completed in 3 treatments.

KYBELLA is an injectable treatment under the skin in problematic stubborn fatty areas of the body. This will improve your overall look of any moderate to severe fat and create a smoother more defined appearance. KYBELLA works to kill the fat cells of this area and then eliminated by your body, the process of elimination and reduction of swelling can take up to 8 weeks. This is a way to help melt the fat away without surgery.

Between one to five KYBELLA treatment sessions may be needed, requiring one or two vials and each session spaced every 4 weeks. The clinicians will customize a KYBELLA treatment regimen, including the number of treatments needed, for each patient based on the amount of submental fat needed to lose. Many patients see visible contouring after 2 treatments. Since KYBELLA permanently destroys fat cells, no retreatment is required.


Revanesse Versa Filler

$650 Lips / $650 Face per Syringe 

Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler that can be used to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, including nasolabial folds (laugh lines). The Revanesse formula is trusted, with over 3 million syringes sold worldwide since 2012.

The Versa Difference

Revanesse Versa can help in the improvement of your nasolabial folds (laugh lines) for up to 12 months with optimal correction.

A Revanesse Versa treatment is minimally-invasive and provides immediate results.

The Revanesse Versa formula is well-studied, with over 300 subjects of multiple skin types treated in three clinical trials, with no serious adverse events reported.

Revanesse Versa uses advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that particles are spherical and uniform. This allows the formula to be more easily accepted by the body, reducing swelling and providing added longevity.



1 - 20 units    |  $12/unit

21 - 40 units  |  $11/unit

41 - 60 units  |  $10.50/unit

60+ units       |  $9.50/unit

Jeuveau is a refined version of botulinum toxin. This injection has been proven effective for reducing the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. Jeuveau works by temporarily inhibiting the nerve signal to the muscles. In effect, the muscles that generate frown lines and wrinkles become more relaxed.

Jeuveau is a popular cosmetic injection designed to delay the visible signs of aging. We use it to help you restore a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Micro Needling w/AnteAge Growth Factors

1 session $350

3 sessions $999

Our skin is built to naturally repair itself. However, your environment, the passage of time, and other contributing factors can impede this restorative process. At Beauty Unleashed, we’re proud to offer micro-needling as the perfect treatment to address a multitude of skin conditions quickly and effectively, by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and creating uniform tone and texture.

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